KLEIO: Their K105 pre amp

Front image of Kleio K105 Pre-amplifier

They say:

Kleio is a new UK based high-end audio equipment manufacturer.

The K105 is our first ever pre-amplifier. Built on the basis of solid engineering practices, which include the use of relay switching throughout and short signal paths. The K105 is built using carefully selected components before being hand soldered at our dedicated manufacturing facility in Kent.

We understand the importance of connecting multiple audio sources, which is why we have supplied multiple inputs including 4 sets of RCA inputs, 2 sets of balanced inputs and a 3.5mm connection.  A selection of line level outputs are also provided, one set of which is balanced.

The minimalistic design is made possible by the use of a dual action volume control. The pre-amplifier can be switched on and off by pressing the volume control. The stylish design is completed with attractive white LED’s displaying your chosen listening level and selected input.


4x line level RCA, 2x line level balanced XLR, 1x 3.5mm line in


2x line level RCA,,1x line level balanced XLR, 1x fixed level RCA

Colour options:



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