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Water Lily Acoustics is a Grammy Award winning record label, which for the past twenty-five years has striven to archive the great masters and virtuosos of both the East and the West. Founded in 1984 by Kavi Alexander, this small, independent company has succeeded in preserving for posterity, the artistry of numerous master musicians from around the globe, to great acclaim. The releases of Water Lily Acoustics, are prized by the connoisseurs and the cognoscenti, for the verisimilitude with which they render the music.

From its inception, Water Lily Acoustics had laid great emphasis on the virtuosos of the Eastern world and in capturing their art in its purest form. The reason for this, stemmed from the dire fact that the great Eastern musicians had seldom been recorded properly, with care and attention placed on sound quality and thus, most recordings of the Eastern masters, unlike those of their counterparts in the West, were of mediocre quality at best. That this goal has been realized fully can be gleamed from the numerous reviews Water Lily Acoustics as garnered worldwide, from music and audio journals, which stand as proof.

Water Lily Acoustics has become synonymous with pristine sound quality and its recordings are viewed as bearing a unique faithfulness to the original music source. This goal has been achieved by utilising proper microphone techniques, state-of-the-art recording equipment and scrupulously selecting the acoustically most suitable venues for recoding, those, which possess acoustics that enhance the music to be recorded.

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