SUMIKO SUBWOOFERS: Musical Subculture by Sonus faber


They tell us:

Come and browse the new dedicated website for Sumiko Subwoofers by Sonus faber at We have added new content, images and product information about the Sumiko subwoofer range. Discover the brand and the products from your favorite seat, at your leisure.

For more than thirty years, Sonus faber has engineered and designed some of the finest and most beautiful loudspeakers ever produced. During this time, Sonus faber offerings have spanned the broad range from powerful compact monitors to large reference loudspeakers, center channels, and others; but there has been a need for powered subwoofers of equal caliber.

Drawing on this need, Sonus faber has applied their vast knowledge of speaker design to Sumiko Subwoofers. Understanding the performance envelope of the finest loudspeakers available, the goal was clear: to provide ultra-high performance subwoofers to any system aimed at being the total package of power, precision and truth.

Three models comprise the Sumiko Subwoofer S Series and provide a surprising amount of flexibility and performance for their size, as well as being a high value at their different levels and price points. We invite you to visit the new and give us your feedback!

Sumiko Subwoofers: The meticulous pursuit of deep bass.

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