MURAUDIO: World’s First Omni Electrostatic Loudspeaker

They tell us .....

This revolutionary loudspeaker incorporates all-new patented high-output continuous curve electrostatic technology, precision engineered LF drivers, superior quality electrical components and stunning design to create a one of a kind loudspeaker that transforms the way you think about, and hear high-end audio.

The technologically advanced Domain Omni PX1 was awarded “Best of Show”, “Best Sound” and “Most Significant Product Introduction” at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2014 by The Absolute Sound, “Best of Show” at Son and Image 2014 by, Audiophilia’s Best of Show at the New York Audio Show 2014, and “Best Room” by Enjoy the Music at Son and Image 2015.

A recent owner of the Domain Omni PX1’s wrote “I spoiled myself with a number of high-res recordings and continued to rediscover my old records. I could go on and on about the superlatives that my friends, including professional musicians and I have used to describe the sound but, “incredible” would pretty much sum it up. I have found another level of music enjoyment.”

In Sound and Vision’s Premier Design segment for December 2014, Murray Harman, Muraudio’s Founder and CTO said “I set out to combine ESL technology with an omni-directional design to eliminate the traditional problems that ESL’s have been known for. Muraudio’s ESL panel creates a 360 degree sound field in the horizontal direction as well as a 16 degree dispersion in the vertical direction. This allows listeners to hear the section of the speaker that directly faces them whether they are in the traditional “sweet-spot” or in a different location in the listening room. The magic is that the focal point follows you as you move around the room.”

There are two Domain Omni ESL models—the fully passive, externally amplified PX1, and the fully active, self-powered DA1. Either model will allow listeners to enjoy high fidelity, immersive, natural sound with pinpoint imaging and seamless coherency.

Suggested retail prices are $63,000 USD for the PX1 and $69,500 USD for the DA1.

Contact: Wayne Mosley
Office: 613-287-0586
Cell: 613-851-3647

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