MARSHALL: First phone by amp-maker is made for music junkies


They say:

Marshall’s first foray into the smartphone world won’t have Apple and Samsung sweating their stake in the market. But the guitar-amp company’s first mobile device does come with a few unique features that could show up in future iterations of the iPhone and Galaxy lineup.

The new Marshall London is an Android Lollipop phone custom-fitted for music lovers, with a dedicated processor for high-resolution audio (including uncompressed FLAC files), a pair of headphone jacks built into it, some decent-looking Marshall Mode earbuds, a top-mounted button that quickly fires up the phone’s music UI, a five-band global equalizer, and a scroll wheel for adjusting volume with precision while it’s in your pocket. It also scratches a couple more-conventional smartphone itches, with a user-replaceable 2500mAh battery and a MicroSD storage slot.

While the phone hasn’t officially been announced in the U.S. just yet—there’s a page on ...


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