AUDIO RESEARCH: Take a ride with the REF 6


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Read why The Audio Beat's Dennis Davis is on a ride with the Reference 6 Preamplifier

”I fed the Reference 6 a good dose of Led Zeppelin and Who’s Next [Track Deluxe 2408 102], LPs that sound truly impressive on systems larger than I can comfortably fit into my home, but records that always seemed to run out of steam with any speaker under 200 pounds per side. With the Reference 6, my 97-pound-weakling Avalons no longer feared having sand kicked in their faces by brutish rock ‘n’ rollers."

"Stepping up from the Reference 5 SE to the Reference 6 added an ingredient to the performance that just made it more exciting -- “What a ride!” as I wrote in my listening notes. In addition to refining the rhythmic drive, the new preamplifier created a bigger picture of the performance, not just in width and depth, but also, more importantly, in saturation of tone and dimension.” Read

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See why the Reference 6 offers better bass control, relaxed purity and more dimensionality for a more palpable and immediate musical performance. Contact your local dealer today about the Reference 6 preamplifier!