I-BOX: The travel-size Bluetooth speaker with a big musical heart


They say: If you’re compiling a travel gadget guide in the run up to the holiday and festival seasons, don’t forget the i-box Slix – the funky, take-anywhere wireless music system from British tech brand i-box

Product highlights – I-BOX SLIX

Conveniently pocket-sized Bluetooth micro-speaker
Robustly built with a rubberised ‘caterpillar track’ surround
Splash-proof and weather-proof
Perfect for travel, or to withstand the rigours of music festivals
Can be purchased singly (Slix) or as a pair (Slix2), for genuinely wireless 'true stereo’ sound
Crisp, clear and punchy performance, and it goes impressively loud – particularly impressive when paired in 'true stereo' mode
Slix RRP: £59.99
Slix2 double-pack RRP: £99.99
Visit www.iboxstyle.com for more information