Ask an expert: Hopeless audiophile blogs and hidden dangers of FM tuner realignment on a vintage Tandberg receiver

I've had it with blogs. The patronising attitude and aggression in the face of simple questions doesn’t help. What I want to know please is this; in general are 1970s receivers capable of being serviced and if so where and at a reasonable price. My Tandberg TR 3030 is a beautiful machine. I think the fm section needs realigning. What worries me though and I may be being over-cautious is about the ‘value’ of this. Assuming anyone does fm alignment and or works on Tandberg vintage gear might I find I have opened a can of worms in that a realignment might be diluted by board parts past their best-by date. Can you help? Thanks.

We didn't know - so we asked highly regarded independent Musical Fidelitry specialist JS Audio; specifically John ‘Mr. nice guy’ Sampson. Here’s what he said:

I can offer tuner repairs and alignment , Unfortunately I do have to advise everyone that some units cannot be realigned successfully because of the age of some of the components and the way they age .