PRO-JECT: Their arm on a Linn LP12?

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I have a LP12 Valhalla; Nirvana with a RB300 arm + Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. My system is Quad 99 /909. The phono stage is Musical Fidelity X- LP2 + X- PSU. My 'speakers are Monitor Audio Gold Reference. Speaker cable is Chord Odyssey.

I am considering putting on a pre-owned Pro-ject 9cc tonearm, as was fitted on the Linn LP12 Majik. Alternatively, I could put on a pre-owned rewired RB300 by Incognito. Would it help to upgrade my phono amplifier? I listen to mainly classical and big band and vocalists such as Frank Sinatra. Your expertise would be most welcome.

Well, you've said you want to upgrade your turntable, but haven't specified a budget and then gone straight into tonearms. If I were you, assuming you've got a Sondek of over 15 or so years old, then get your deck fitted with Cirkus' upgrade or consider the Funk upgrades to the LP12.

This Linn mod package brings real improvements in clarity and dynamics, whilst retaining the deck's naturally sweet and musical sound. While you're at it, I'd be tempted to get the RB300 modded by Origin Live or Audio Origami. This should squeeze the best from the 2M Black, and you can then save up for a more substantial tonearm change; the Pro-ject is at best a 'side-grade' rather than an upgrade to your Rega! My ultimate arm for the LP12 would be Naim's ARO, but Linn's Ekos is superb.. You'd need to A-B these two when you're ready to buy.

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