THIEL: Why no Thiel loudspeakers in the UK – apparently?


Gentlemen, can you help. I have read great reviews in US mags re Thiel speakers. I cannot find any retailers ie none of the ‘usual suspects’ represent them here in the UK. Can you shed any light? Have you heard any of them? What do you think? Should I chance a used pair?

First things first, yes I have heard quite a few models both here and in the USA. Personally I loved the sound and the quality of construction was up there with the very best. I have no reason to believe they are unreliable but until the UK distribution situation is clarified, I’d hold back. From memory, it seemed like driver replacement would not be straightforward simply because at first sight there was no easy way into the cabinets. I reiterate though, we have no evidence of unreliability. Anyway, I did a bit of digging around.

The most recent importer / distributor was Symmetry Systems. You can find them at I then looked at the international Thiel site at and there is no distributor listed for the UK. I have no idea what happened here. I am surprised the brand is no longer represented here because certainly a few years back it was, within its price-band both highly regarded and popular. A mystery, and a pity.

Thank you

Neil McCauley / OLC editor in chief

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