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The Speaker Shack website and Forum is for AV and HiFi followers, and when the site first started it mainly focused on KEN KREISEL who is a legend in the Speaker industry but it is now opening up to all brands and all types of equipment associated with AV and HiFi.

I myself have had many dedicated AV and HiFi set ups over the years and some being very High end to some being very basic but it does not matter as long as you get the meaning of what this hobby is all about and that is the pleasure of Music and watching movies on systems that can recreate a cinematic experience at Home and most of the time is better than what you get at the Cinema.

I do hope you all enjoy my site and you are all welcome to join whether it be a passion for HiFi or you are crazy about AV it does not matter, this is meant for everyone and that's you the enthusiast!!!

I do many Equipment Reviews on my site and focus in on what I feel are the strongest points or features of certain products rather than going over old ground where other people have already reviewed the said equipment, I try and make my reviews more to the point and what I feel is more suited. My reviews are done in my own system which I can then evaluate the kit to the best of my ability and in turn give an honest opinion of what I truly believe the products to be worth and most of all I have a passion for this hobby which is what it is all about.

I do hope that you enjoy them and take something away from them and at least it gives you another viewpoint, I have been into this hobby for some 28 years and it just gets better with age, not the opposite, so enjoy !!


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