They say .....

Want more power? Or inputs that support digital music? Then act now to take advantage of our TradeUP Program.

As a testament to the durability and value of McIntosh, for a limited time you can trade in select McIntosh products manufactured as far back as the 1970s towards the purchase of new models.

Have you been wanting to upgrade your McIntosh units but were unsure what to do with your existing products? With our TradeUP Program, there is an easy way for you to upgrade to a current model without having to pay full price - or having to deal with the hassle of selling your existing McIntosh products. Simply trade in your qualified mono or stereo amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver and get up to 75%* of the MSRP you paid for it towards the purchase of a qualified new mono or stereo amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver.

Contact your dealer today to take advantage of this amazing offer!

*Restrictions apply. Units must be in acceptable working and physical condition with no more than ordinary wear and tear. Units modified from their original design do not qualify. Offer expires 6/30/16. Valid only at participating US and Canadian authorized dealers. See your participating dealer for details.

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