FORUM RANT OF THE DAY: “They want to ban me so I have banned them”

Forum rant

The above image is from the BBC

A reader spotted this rant earlier today and I've posted here verbatim. No comment required I feel. That said, if this post enters our 'Popular Today' ranking then I might trawl for equally amusing observations and/or rely on eagle-eyed readers to send me a link for consideration.

Neil / editor


"And I suppose I ought to recount my time over the last week trying to deal with TAS. Basically as can be seen from earlier posts I have had enough, that Chris thing with the cables was the final straw, and I cannot expect Dave (DSJR) and others of you to be my glove puppets to try and counter the false information. Well they wont play they treat me with no respect, so why should I want customers who have no respect for me, respect should be mutual. So they have insulted me enough, I really couldn't give feck how much money they have to spend but the three of them are now bared access to ANY nva products loan or sale. They want to ban me so I have banned them :x

As I mentioned in the last post doors slammed shut in my face so what do they expect."

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