YAMAHA: How to distinguish between authentic products and counterfeit products.

In this site, you will be introduced to different examples to enable you to distinguish the authentic Yamaha products from counterfeit products. Use this information when deciding whether products are authentic. Use caution to avoid mistakenly purchasing a counterfeit product.

In addition, counterfeit products are not Yamaha products, so unfortunately we are unable to offer any of our support services. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. A variety of counterfeit products have been identified at locations other than Yamaha authorized dealers, such as in the stores of PA equipment suppliers, auction sites, shopping sites, and others. The counterfeit products introduced here are only examples. Some counterfeit products are difficult to identify because they are carefully crafted. If you have purchased an item that you think is a counterfeit product please contact Yamaha's service site of your region.

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