PAPER MAGAZINE SURVIVAL: Traditional advertisers love glossy paper. Unfortunately though, the customer’s reality is digital

Hello and and welcome from me, Neil McCauley / editor in chief

Feeling a bit cynical re print-based advertising which has consistently failed to deliver on the promise? Are you sceptical about online advertising? I guess you might well be, which possibly is why you're here now. Am I right?

Don't abandon print. Reinforce it through intelligent digital advertising

Okay. What I'm not going to suggest is abandoning print. The time isn't right for that; not yet. What I am going to demonstrate though is how intelligent and thoughtful digital advertising can enhance the effectiveness of your paper display ads and how, in a very uncomplicated but powerfully effective way your expensive printed ads can via our digital advertising drive more properly and appropriately qualified prospects through your doors.  Please click HERE for extracts from a very readable post on the subject.

The burning question

Before telling you what are highly advanced digital advertising can mean for you, it's sensible to address THE burning question; Print versus digital advertising – do ads in hand-held devices have the same impact as those in print?

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