FS: Townshend Rock. O-Live RB 300. Denon 304 cartridge


The seller says:

Biting the bullet! I have rarely played my LPs for.....15+ years!
My lovely Rock needs a better home! In a fit of Tom Evans induced enthusiasm, recently, I got an Origin Live wired Rega RB 300 arm and (Tom advised!) Denon 304 cartridge.
But the reality was that I STILL didn't play LPs!
Maybe my suspended-from-ceiling listening chair deters movement, once in it!
The Rock is unique in that it has been painted with a 'Mural'; well, decorated with multi-coats of gloss and some (subtle!) glitter plus....well, look at the pics.
Max T liked it!
A nice change from boring black that everything seemed to be, I thought.
The Rock comes with it's matching 'Merlin' separate Power supply -an expensive extra! -, a new belt, the arm and cartridge are pretty well new.
Oh, and when I got the arm, I] bought a O-L height adjuster fitment too.
The Wood case is in perfect condition and, the Perspex cover has ALWAYS! been covered when not in use, so scratch-free!
Probably the best example available?
Asking £900. I'm in Bristol, so a visit to the upcoming Bristol Show could include collection.
I do have the boxes, but am not going to risk any Couriers! (Bad experiences deter!)
May try taking better lit pics soon,so ask if interested.

Details + images @ http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?36072-Townshend-Rock-O-Live-RB-300-Denon-304-cartridge-Lovely-condition