FS: SMARTractor Alignment Tool


The seller says: I'm pleased to be shortly taking on products from Acoustical Systems, particularly the SMARTractor alignment tool and SMARTstylus SRA/VTA/Azimuth setting template. I'll also be stocking the Arche headshell, to order. The SMARTtractor will be available to hire, on a weekly basis, with an option to buy with the hire cost refunded from the retail price. So, try before you buy!

Anyone who has used a tonearm alignment tool such as those from Clearaudio, Dr Feickert etc, knows that they make a technical and intricate task very easy, so accurate setup becomes really straightforward. I know that I'm not alone in never wanting to go back to other, more 'manual' setup methods! The SMARTractor is the alignment jig that I would have designed, if someone else hadn't already done it - it supports all the alignment standards that you'd ever want, including the UNI-DIN curve that is claimed to offer significantly lower on average distortion (18-45%) than Baerwald or Loefgren, over the last 2/3 of the record's grooves. Only Acoustical Systems offer the UNI-DIN option. It also, and uniquely, provides a magnified viewer, on the proper axis, to facilitate accurate alignment of the actual cantilever. Clever stuff!

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