FOR YOUR SHORTLIST? The new Renaissance Amplification RP-02 Premium Quality Phono Stage

Renaissance RP02


They said:

This new addition to the Renaissance Amplification range has a compact A5 footprint, self contained Phono Stage for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Housed in an attractive all-alluminium case with a metallic paint finish in black or outrageous red/pink with a blue LED power indicator.

Designed as a “fit, forget and enjoy” addition to your system, the fixed characteristics will suit the vast majority of moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Alternative loading and/or gains can be accommodated upon request.

Earth terminal and rear panel jumpers for selecting moving magnet or moving coil operation; it is possible to configure one channel for MM and the other for MC (for those with 2 turntables fitted with mono cartridges).

Discrete low noise first stage with fixed 50 ohm input impedance for moving coil cartridges; Gain 20dB with an overall gain in MC mode being 60dB @ 1kHz. Second stage op-amp (LM4562 low-noise, high slew rate, ultra low distortion, high current) gain stage and RIAA filter with fixed 47k input impedance. Gain 40dB @ 1kHz.

205W x 60H x 153D (168D including connectors) Weight: approximately 0.5kg

Solid Aluminium Electrolytics
PPS film caps throughout
Surface mount except PSU
Low energy PSU and small (3VA) toroidal transformer for low stray fields
Triple regulation for first stage (shunt regulator for final regulations)
Double regulation thereafter

RRP £749.00 inc.

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