A POINT OF VIEW: My complete Audio Note system

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Grumbling women

The thread starts: Some of you may recall that I had my complete Audio Note system for sale a little while ago. I thought it worth posting the reason for the withdrawal of that sale thread, not only for interest but also to bring to notice certain acts of kindness and customer service.

I have often felt that the point where I started to lose my way a bit in system terms was when I finallly split up my Audio Innovations/Snell based system. Not that I haven't had some really great set ups since then just I felt I had lost something along the way. So when the chance to jump off the merry-go-round presented itself by way of a deal to get me a complete Audio Note system I felt my time had come. The only problem was when it all arrived it all seemed a little underwhelming as a system. It was at this point I thought that perhaps my memory of the "old" system had gained a pair of rose coloured spectacles. No amount of fiddling was getting the results I had envisaged in my plan. It was at this point I started the idea of selling up and going back to where I was before.

Along with then enquiries from interested buyers came a note from Wammer KevinF, not to register interest in buying an item but keen to find out where it had all gone wrong for me with the Audio Note setup. In fact he already had identified the mismatch in levels (Audio Note levels) between the speakers and the other components and mentioned this to me. I replied thanking him for his concern. But KevinF wasn't done yet...... he sent another note, or two, telling me that he thought Peter Q would be mortified to know that someone was so unhappy with one of his systems. In fact he had also kindly contacted Peter Q and suggested opening a line of dialogue between myself and the Audio Note guv'nor. I thought that this was a kind and selfless thing to do and took the offer to start the ball rolling to see if there was a solution.

Conversations with Peter Q did indeed confirm that the system was not at all well balanced. I'm not going to mention the dealer concerned here but it seems that he had built the system without letting Peter know that all the items were to be used together. Now here is where something I hadn't expected happened. Peter Q told me he was going to put things right for me, himself.

The upshot of that lengthy preamble is that Peter Q took the Soro and ANE Silver Sigs back and replaced them with a Meishu Line Silver and ANE SPe HEs. He also upgraded the interconnect cable. To cap it all off, Mario from AN came over with the new gear and set it all up for me one Friday afternoon. Mario, who I have known for years, was thorough and meticulous in the set up and even brought his own sand to fill the speaker stands. All this for no cost to me at all.

So here I set now with my new AN system settling in and it is sounding pretty darned good already and orders of magnitude better than the original AN set up I had here. In fact exactly the result I was aiming for at the start of the AN adventure.

Big thanks are in order for KevinF, for taking the time and interest to get things moving and to Peter Q and Mario from Audio Note for getting things sorted for me. Apologies also for those interested in the original items for sale.

Not sure if this belongs in here or Dealer Reviews, mods please move if this is the wrong place."


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