THE EDITOR’S VIEW: Oh Richard (Dunn) – It started out with the best of intentions it seems and then …..

User avatar starts as follows: This forum room is going to go through *yet another* spate of attacks by the look of it, so perhaps it is time to make its purpose plain.

The purpose is to shine a light on the bullshit, conmen, egotists et al who populate this industry and are also trying to take over the hi-fi forums. Now obviously there are a lot of my choices amoungst them and there are a lot of people out there who hate the fact I have shone a light on their behaviour. They will try to find opportunity to fire back, all I can do is hopefully give them nothing to hang on me but lies.

Now that does not make my opinions or posts gospel, any member of our forum can agree or disagree with my posts and I welcome it, and as long as ad hominem is avoided all opinion will stand.

I also want this forum room to be a standard bearer for those who believe they have been harmed or conned by a business or a forum or forum member. You can always make your case here but please try to be factual and not just bitter, though emotion can obviously be expressed.

There is a need for this room as all the other forums operate a cartel of silence where it is written into their rules that no other forums or forum members can be discussed, under this censorship rule a whole span of nastiness has been hidden. So bring it here we will shine a light on it, we don't have large membership but we have a large readership.

As this is now the subject of this thread your opinions on this forum room can be expressed and argued here, but again remember address the post not the poster.


Certainly the author Mr Richard Dunn raises some interesting points. Rightly or wrongly though, I cannot help but smell a whiff of paranoia behind some of his text.  Without knowing the facts, my guess is that he has experienced some historic severe wounding from the self-appointed online 'armchair generals'. Maybe attack is the best defence?

That said, I'm minded of the quote from Joseph Heller, Catch-22 – "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."

Anyway, it seems to me that the sincerity – which I don't doubt – of his intent has been ill-served by some of those responding to his ethos in the thread. That's a pity I feel. A quick scan through the few pages will show how this has occurred, but the why remains unclear.

Exhibit A: "I also think a women would have chosen better breasts"

Exhibit B: " if you are a gay man or a woman please leave me alone, I don't react well."

Exhibit C: "Cnut wants to join here, we'll put his fukin head straight pronto..........."

And so on.

I have the enduring mental image of an armour-clad Mr Dunn – on a horse – doing battle with foes possibly both imagined and real. I'm wondering just how many of the real foes are drawn from his sycophantic followers and how many are external?


From what we can gather, he’s in remission from a life-threatening illness and if so, we wish him well. When he stated his opening gambit was he perhaps a little too tired and emotional? Even so, in some respects he might, just might be right.

I asked Howard about his encounters, if any, with this hero. He remembered that at some point in the 1980s he auditioned a Tresham amplifier (that company subsequently being sold to Tannoy) delivered by Mr. Dunn with the vague recollection that Richard had some involvement in the design.

He went on to say that "This industrial-looking amp was clearly, despite its appearance, of audiophile quality."

"The Tresham was auditioned against some high-profile high-end competitors and  the sound from that one example was "very good indeed"" He was surprised to hear that Richard was still alive and, apparently, making a living selling via ebay. Until I drew his attention to the subject of this article, he wasn't aware that Richard is even still in the industry let alone runs a forum and that was pretty much all he said on the topic.

Finally, I'm reminded of a certain individual, in a different place and time who stated the following: "'If it falls to me to start a fight to cut out the cancer of bent and twisted journalism in our country with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of fair play, so be it. I am ready for the fight."

Quite so.

Neil McCauley / Editor in chief


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