A thoroughly enjoyable budget system – is it really possible?


Grumbling women

The thread starts: A friend out here has absolutely no idea what they are doing with audio and asked us to put a little system together so they could use their record player and iPod! I am sitting listening right now and this punches well above its weight. I don't think I will abandon the 57s/OTL just yet but this is just so much fun. Bits bought on eBay and delivered to friend over there and bought out when they visited.

  • Arcam Alpha - £5 (The works seem to fill about 10% of the interior space)
  • Marantz CD62 - £7.50
  • Wharfdale Diamond 7pros - £5

Enjoyment is easily achievable on a tight budget!! Only one channel on the amp worked when it arrived but a quick squirt of WD40 on all the pots fixed that. Must get some proper switch cleaner.

Dip in and out HERE

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