Essential Listening: Many Faces Of Yes (3CD)

Many Faces Of Yes (3CD)

In The Many Faces of Yes we present an unknown side of the band, with recordings by the group as a whole and also by solo members, including rarities and other gems.On CD 1, "The BBC Sessions", the group is presented in their original lineup (Jon Anderson on vocals, Peter Banks on guitar, Bill Bruford on drums, Chris Squire on bass and Tony Kaye on keyboards) with their performanc es in the London's BBC Radio. CD 2 is titled "Before and After Yes' Projects" and contains songs by several members of the group recorded before and after they were part of the band. CD 3 is titled "Playin' Their Favourite Songs" and its name says it all. Members and former members of Yes playing songs from Pink Floyd, Genesis and even the AOR classic "More Than A Feeling" by Boston.

CD 1: Then / Sweet Dreams / Looking Around / No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed /
Everydays / Astral Traveller / Every Little Thing / Sweetness / Something´s Coming / Dear Father / For
CD 2: Catherine Howard - Rick Wakeman / Lifetime - Flash (Feat. Peter Banks) / Flowerman - The Syn
(Feat. Chris Squire) / Last Eclipse - Peter Banks / The Revealing Science Of God - Rick Wakeman / 14
Hour Technicolour Dream - The Syn (Feat. Chris Squire) / Monday Morning Eyes - Flash (Feat. Peter
Banks) / Long Distance Runaround - Rick Wakeman / Sole Survivor - Asia (Feat. Geoff Downes & Steve
Howe) / America - Rick Wakeman / Here Comes The Feeling - Asia (Feat. Geoff Downes & Steve Howe) /
Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles (Feat Geoff Downes & Trevor Horn)
CD 3: Breathe - Alan White & Tony Kaye / Money - Bill Bruford / Brain Damage - Geoff Downes /
Comfortably Numb - Chris Squire & Alan White / The Great Gig In The Sky - Rick Wakeman & Steve
Howe / In The Flesh? - Alan White / Los Endos - Patrick Moraz / Us And Them - Tony Kaye / On The Run
- Alan White / Goodbye Blue Sky - Steve Howe / Eclipse - Peter Banks & Tony Kaye / More Than A
Feeling - Alan White & Tony Kaye

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