Valves, valves and, err – more valves. Tube Distinctions in fact

Tube Distinctions Amplifiers

Looks a rather nice company, based on their site. No idea about the equipment at all – but looks like deep knowledge and no snake-oil here. Always a winning combination for me.

Here's what the proprietor says: "I am first and foremost a music lover; I guess I became an audio engineer out of necessity rather than by choice.

Tube Distinctions have been building audio equipment for over 10 years now, but I personally have been repairing other manufacturers' equipment, from guitar amplifiers (all types) to audio replay equipment (hi fi) for as long as I care to remember (about 25 years!).

It was in fact out of frustration from my many disappointing experiences of other so called high-end manufacturers' equipment that led me to start up Tube Distinctions."


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