A High Performance Music System For Under $10K. Featuring the Simply Italy Integrated Amplifier with the Bryston Mini T Loudspeakers

"The components I am talking about are the Unison integrated amplifier Model Simply Italy and the Bryston Model Mini T loudspeakers. The amplifier came in for a short audition — and it had been burned in and was ready to connect to a pair of speakers I had in-house at the time — my own Ethera Vitaes and Bryston's Mini Ts. My main interest is high-end, not because I like high priced equipment, but because this is where — more often than not — high performance is predicated. However, I am also of the opinion that a well organized/chosen system can and will render above average musical performance in the much lower price ranges, The above-mentioned components represent a good example of a medium-priced audio system with which I can be happy. First, I'd like to direct your attention at the heart and soul of the system — the amp/preamp — the Simply Italy integrated amplifier. It was designed by Professor Gianni Sacchetti and engineered to the same standards as its bigger brothers. Despite all this, it costs the same as a decent conventional transistor amp. On paper then, a highly tempting proposition. The Simply Italy is a single-ended ultra-linear Class A design that produces but 12 watts per channel. It employs EL34 tubes in the output stage and ECC82 tubes in the preamp and driver stages, most likely the topology that renders the amp's remarkable ability to produce (or reproduce) wide imaging, clarity and musicality."

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