The Audio Miser says: A great sounding pre-owned system for around £900


Featuring in this system: Musical Fidelity + Audiolab + KEF + Pioneer

Welcome to my solution in this series.  Why £900?  Well ... the recently introduced series A great sounding pre-owned CD-based system for under £200? I show you how! and it's partner A great sounding pre-owned CD-based system for under £400? I show you how! has proved VERY successful. In fact the series has not been out of our daily top three most read posts since the start. It's logical, to me at least, to extend the service into the next price band, and that's £900. So ...

There are fantastic pre-owned bargains out there. We all know this. That said, many enthusiasts just don’t know to what extent the system components work well together, if at all! In short – is there system synergy? Who knows?

I do!

Me? I'm Neil McCauley - Editor in chief. Truthfully ... I get bigger kick out of assembling systems based on pre-owned bargains (many of which I have had direct personal experience with) at £900, £400 & £200 than I do systems at £20k using brand new kit. Obviously I'm not saying a £400 system gets anywhere near close to the thrill of one at £20k BUT more often that not, a £400 system can sound really good and for many, truth be told, it's sufficient.

So every now and then (if I spot pre-owned items which I know work well together) I'll  show you a 2-channel system that punches far above its weight and for one lucky owner might save them many hundreds of £s compared to buying new. For simplicity I won’t include interconnects nor speaker cables nor stands; I will on your behalf focus on the ‘boxes’.

Important note:

The nature of these bargains means that some will not stick around long – sometimes only for a few hours. It really is first come – first served at the sub £900 for a complete system end of the market!

System 04a

My CD player recommendation @ £299.00

My amplifier recommendation @ £300.00

My speaker recommendation @ £300.00

My FM tuner recommendation @ £23.00

Thanks; Neil McCauley / editor in chief



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