Essential Listening: My Father’s Place 1976 (CD) by Ritchie Furay Band

My Father's Place 1976 (CD)


With his trademark smooth tenor vocals and non-nonsense guitar, Richie Furay and his then band - Jay Truax on bass, John Mehler on drums, Tom Stipe on keyboards, Virgil Beckham on guitar and Alan McDougall on percussion - played the My Father's Place venue in New York at the end of August 1976.Proceedings were broadcast live by local radio, and the entire show can now be heard for the first time on this CD.

Furay was of course a founding member of Buffalo Springfield in 1966, along with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, but after they disintegrated within 2 turbulent years, Furay, inspired by Springfield's occasional forays into country-rock, was determined to put together a fully-fledged group playing exclusively in that style. So,in 1968 he formed Poco along with Jim Messina and Rusty Young. Furay led Poco through 6 albums between 1969 and 1973 - arguably their best records.• Richie had a frustrating career and never really achieved the kind of success he deserved. He did return for occasional forays into his rock n roll past, participating in a reunion of the original Poco members for thealbum Legend in 1989 (which yielded a successful single, 'Call It Love'), as well as other periodic shows guestings with Poco over the years (notably a live album and DVD in 2004).

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