Comments invited: Trying to define ‘The High End’

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Howard Popeck / Features Editor


This is a conundrum that we've been chewing over for some time. 'The High End' is a term that appears to have drifted over the Atlantic and is now used commonly in our circle of activity. But what does it actually mean with reference to hi-fi? For some people it seems to denote a high standard of performance and for others (perhaps more commonly) it seems to be more related to the very high price of some equipment.

Our own feelings here in the office are that it's entirely a matter of perspective. High End audio gear to someone whose sole source of music is a £50 mp3 player would probably be viewed as rather mundane kit to the likes of the average AoS member. However, in the hi-fi fraternity, the high end might be something that those people don't have an inkling even exists. So it's probably really just what we used to call 'hi-fi'!