Comments invited: What’s your oldest item of hifi still in regular use ?

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For me it's my Trio (Kenwood) KT-917 FM tuner from 1979 and my Nakamichi 682,

4 thoughts on “Comments invited: What’s your oldest item of hifi still in regular use ?

    1. Hello Ed. Thank you for this. In the audiophile world the word ‘classic’ is misapplied from time to time and therefore devalued. However with the Planar 2 it certainly is appropriate. For both the modest asking price and longevity in addition to the sonic performance it remains for me at least a true benchmark. Kind regards ¬– Howard

      1. Hi again

        as for longevity, not long ago I found the documents that came with that turntable, including a ‘lifetime guarantee’. Most encouraging, but does that mean my lifetime or the unit’s lifetime? I note that the Rega P5 which I use at home now came without that guarantee. I wonder if that is because I was looking rather grey on collection and the venders thought it tactful to leave it out of the box?


  1. In my home-office (used for dubbing LPs to hard drive for replay through my Squeezebox Touch / Musical Fidelity / Spendor system) is a Connoisseur BD1 (an old British kit turntable bought late 70s) coupled with the SME 3009 S2 Improved pick-up arm. Not state of the art by today’s standards but I’ll not part with the first 2 pieces of ‘real hi-fi’ I bought.

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