Comments invited: Cables and delusion….

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Neil McCauley / HFA editor in chief


Imagine that you find that find the best sound in your system is via the vintage Grado earspeakers. Way more detail than your speakers portray (and, indeed, way more detail than any loudspeaker system you’ve yet heard). Yet, this detailed, even-handed, engaging sound finds its way from the preamp to the headamp via a 5m run of el-cheapo cable.

Anyway, you are planning to install the system in a new location; you think your current cabling might be a tad inflexible and so you are wondering about this stuff... it's cheap, it routes very easily and (at least for the headphones) doesn't do nasty stuff to the sound.

Before you do, is there anything fundamentally different about the 'requirements' of a line-level signal going to a headphone amp compared to one going from a source to a preamp (say), or pre to power?

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