If we really want DVD stores and bookshops to survive, why don’t we shop at them more?

Suzanne Moore writes: From the look on the guy’s face, I was probably the 50th person to be so annoying. There we were in our local DVD shop, a little cave, lovingly curated, where you could rent a Kubrick or a Kurosawa or, God help you, Sex and and the City 2. It was full of bin liners and empty shelves. It was closing down.

“Oh, this is so sad,” I said to the man who ran it. “We love this place.” My 14-year-old is film mad and going through her version of the canon, from Fight Club to Heathers. But what had my love of this shop really amounted to? We are no longer regulars, as we download most films at home these days. My heart might have been in the right place, but my wallet wasn’t.

Everything in the shop was  .....

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