Tidal: An overpriced music streaming service that only benefits the super-rich members of a messianic-like cult? Where do I sign up??

Michael Segalov (The Independent) writes: Looking past the pretentious launch event and the fact that Chris Martin was invited, I still can't see how any normal person can be excited for Tidal.

Even before Jay Z officially launched his own artist-owned streaming service alongside some of the music industry's biggest names on Monday, I was pissed off.

What we already knew about Tidal before the launch was that it cost $19.99 (£13.50) a month. In the USA, Spotify Premium costs about $9.99 (£6.50) a month, where in the UK it costs me a tenner. Americans were kicking off, and I wasn't too impressed. It wasn’t going well.

But I didn't want to rush to any conclusions, so I decided to watch the launch for myself to see if I could get on board with this musical revolution.

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