Essential Listening: Blondie – The Old Waldorf, SF CA, 21st September 1977 – Early And Late Shows (2CD)

The Old Waldorf, SF CA, 21st September 1977 – Early And Late Shows (2CD)

  • Classic live KSAN-FM broadcast of the brilliant performance at The Old Waldorf
  • Includes the entire broadcast
  • Digitally remastered for greatly enhanced sound quality
  • Background liners

Less than a year after the release of their debut album, Blondie were reaching their peak as a pop-punk band. They played almost everything from that self-titled debut LP at these two shows in San Francisco in September 1977, as well as previewing most of their follow-up, 1978’s Plastic Letters. The performance, Broadcast on KSAN-FM, also includes surprise covers of songs by the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Runaways, Doors, and Iggy Pop that did not make their studio releases.

1. Warm Up

2. My Obsession

3. Kung Fu Girls

4. In the Sun

5. Little Girl Lies

6. Look Good in Blue

7. Man Overboard

8. In the Flesh

9. Shark in Jet’s Clothing

10. Rifle Range

11. Detroit 442

12. X-Offender

13. Rip Her to Shreds

14. Band Intros

15. Funtime

16. Kidnapper

17. Exit

Disc Two: Late Show

1. X-Offender

2. Youth Nabbed As Sniper

3. Fan Mail

4. Cautious Lip

5. I’m on E

6. Detroit 442

7. I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say No

8. Bermuda Triangle Blues

9. (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear

10. Contact in Red Square

11. Shark in Jet’s Clothing

12. In the Sun

13. Heart Full of Soul

14. Playing with Fire

15. Moonlight Drive