“Streaming music has made it so dull I’ve lost all interest in it “


Last night I dreamed I bought a stereo. It cost £400 and looked like a pile of silver bricks from 1985, a big old Metal Mickey of a thing. Oh, but the sound. The music booming out from that thing enveloped me. It wasn't just my ears; I was listening with my whole body. It made me feel things! Then I woke up in my house, which has no stereo in it at all, and not even any CDs, because I have thrown all my music away. And I realised what an idiot I have been.

Over the past few years I have got rid of all my CDs, all my records, all my tapes. I even wiped my hard drive, leaving nothing on my iTunes. I used to live for music, and spend most nights of the week at gigs or in nightclubs. As a music journalist, I used to have so much sent to me that you could barely get into the spare room for bags of new releases. Promo CDs sent by record labels to be reviewed, in addition to all the stuff I had been buying myself since the age of about nine. Yet the digital age was starting to offer freedom from all this clutter, so when my career changed, and I moved house a couple of times in rapid succession, I decided it had to go. I would be free! I would stream music from the internet as the mood took me! Just like William Blake said, I wouldn't bind myself to a joy, I would kiss the joy as it flew.


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