Music debate: My desert island Classical Discs.

"I have a love hate relationship with classical music. My first certificate was in Vocal Production and for many years it was all I lived for, being the greatest Bass Singer... anyway, as time went on I became disenchanted with the genre(classical) and especially the fans and !!singers!! but there are times when it hits the spot as only classical can...and here are my choices. Thanks for the folks who turned me on to these, too many to name.

  • Arvo Part- Te Deum(ECM)
  • Morton Lauridsen-Lux Aeterna(RCM)
  • Kronos Quartet- Pieces of Africa
  • Verdi Requiem DVD(Alagna/EMI) . this recording SINGLEHANDEDLY cemented my faith in Redbook audio. It is superb in every sense.
  • Basso Profundos from Old Russia
  • Osteroratorium- Harmonia Mundi France
  • Lady McBeth of Mtensk- French EMI


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