From the archives: Dear Sir: Linn, Naim and the self apointed brand-Mujahadin


In defence of sensible Linn and Naim owners

Apparently you have exercised your executive privilege – which is entirely your right in setting up this online magazine.

I would like to point out that was has already made the site great, and you should not lose sight of it is the depth and diversity of opinion and the differing viewpoints. I have recently and voluntarily been de-Linned and de-Naimed and I happy for it. but not everyone who continues to own these makers are nutters. Sadly quite a few seem to be but I do not think they are representative. They just shout louder. People who read forums are I suppose a bit unusual but live and let live I say. I do agree though that the ‘Mujahadin’ as you describe them are a nuisance. They love the ‘car’ and find the destination irrelevant.

You Mr. Editor should create a reference classification and the components to be included.

I would like to see more end-user reviews on the site. How about reviews of new products, not just vintage ones even though I like those?

Keep up the good work and get some help with generating reference classifications.