COLIN WONFOR: Sources used in product development

Colin Wonfor

Hello Colin What sources and speakers does you use in development and why please? Thanks. Mike

Hi Mike, Now that is a tricky question I like my old Ruark Sabres, they are old friends made for me by my old friend. I also use Spendors, and borrow others makes depending on what I am designing.
I loved my Tannoy Buckingham's because at low level you could hear silly things and at high level I could not hear the wife and Deadenders.

I also sneak round to the lads I've met on the forums. Always a great selection there and it is always nice to get a unbiased report, because being too close can make you miss important things. At TQ I borrowed Simon Lomax and his gifted ears. He runs Music Skills in Somerset, now too far away to visit I'm sorry to say.We nearly always used his music and B&W speakers, I miss him and his ears.

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