Simply-STAX and a possible Stax information archive #13

I do think that it would remain an attractive proposition for the visitors of your blog and bulletin board to have a library for your long standing experience with Stax and its products – perhaps one that can be updated with images and new data – an electronic museum of sorts?

On the face of it, I agree. However neither STAX Japan nor Symmetry the STAX UK importer had any interest whatsoever in financially supporting the site and archive to any degree whatsoever.

I never asked Symmetry for any contribution. Symmetry didn’t volunteer any finance either to the many £ thousands I spent advertising the brand and trying and failing to maintain brand values – let alone funding what became a vast site and archive.

I discovered that many UK STAX dealers were using my site as a promotional tool for their own businesses. I suppose it was inevitable, but towards the end it was getting out of hand. For the foreseeable future the archive will be outside of the public domain. I’d never say never though.


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