Dear Sir … (Apparently I’m a wanker!) – revisited, and quite funny too.

Previously ...

When it comes to online forums, I'm usually very much a look-but-do-not-touch kinda guy. If you know anything about forums, you’ll understand why. If you know me too, you’ll understand it even more. Anyway, to my slight surprise, my original posting on this page yesterday has created a thread on the PinkFish Media online forum.

Unexpected, some nice comments have emerged and quite unlike the usual me, I have responded. And on the slightly offensive comments, I have responded politely too. Can’t always expect a uniformly positive response with these things I find. Anyway, for those of you who are curious but with too little time on your hands, here is a posting related to my original posting you might find of interest.

Rupert Bear (not his real name I suspect) posted the following in the thread. “Is any of this related to the 'jewish cartel' posts on of a couple of months ago?”

You know what, I really don’t know? Can anyone enlighten me?

Finally, as occasionally happens with these things, a happy memory drags itself up from the depths and this happened this morning. I posted this on the PinkFish forum. It’s regarding one of the many surreal experiences that Steve Daniels (now apparently an Armalite-wielding Texas inhabitant and Rega importer) had. The one re the cartridge installation where Steve revealed to me his partial colour blindness and the presence of a powerfully incontinent but fully mobile parrot in the buyer’s listening room will have to wait for another time. I won’t be making a habit of this. Well, not unless it remains fun. Meanwhile …….

Yes, I remember that 6-pack. It was traded in by a chap in Reading who wanted something less complex. I can't quite remember, but I seem to recall he bought Magneplanar MG3a full range panel speakers with twin mono Beard P100 power amps and no hype. Anyway, this combination received and then held the Subjective Audio "boomerang award". That award was given to a system or individual item, new or used which was originally sold by us and was returned by the buyer. In the 12 years of trading, this award was never taken away from that six-pack. It was returned, and I know readers’ will barely find this credible. 11 times. Literally. Given the nature of these beasts, the sound was certainly acceptable. All 11 buyers said so. However it seemed that these specific Naim crossover boxes were highly temperature sensitive. On one winter’s afternoon, Steve Daniels at his house in Muswell Hill (the six-pack system was residing there while morosely pondering it’s fate) demonstrated the problem. His living room was warm. The hall outside was unheated. We played a Steeleye Span LP track that he and I knew very well indeed.

We started to play the track with the door into the hall shut. We then during that track opened the door. With seconds some of the warm air rushed out and was replaced by cold air – and the sound changed. It was not subtle. This idiosyncratic system eventually ended up being comprehensively trashed by the customs authorities at Tel Aviv airport who were at random (apparently) looking for drugs. The hapless customer was, so I'm told, handed back a literal pike of junk. The investigators apparently thought that the Isobaric speakers had no way into the cabinets other than through the bass drivers. All of them! And then they started on the NAP-250 cases. The buyer received no compensation. No drugs were found.

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