Anti-Jewish prejudice in the UK audiophile industry

Howard, you wrote recently about historic audiophile homophobia in the UK. Very brave. It had to be said. Inevitably as a gay Jewish audiophile I have to ask, did you observe anti Jewish sentiments too? Black prejudice perhaps? Just curious.

Thank you. I don’t see myself as brave in this instance at least, but I appreciate the sentiments. Re your second point re prejudice against blacks, I'll cover that at some point in the future. For the moment though I can tell you that Subjective Audio employed a young engineer /  installer, who happened to be black; Dunstan Macbeth Nelson. Some of you might have met him. In my employ yes he received abuse from a tiny minority of customers.

How he and I dealt with it is – as I said earlier – part of another story at another time.

So, anti-Jewish sentiment in the industry? Well, not first hand but I did see it second-hand. The Jewish founder and CEO of a prominent and globally represented brand showed me a sheaf of returned satisfaction survey forms. This was a few years back; six or seven I think. As you’d expect, opinions re build quality, performance and value for money varied a bit; but not much. The overwhelming majority were very positive.

However, within the stack were a small number of virulently anti-Jewish statements. Deeply offensive, occasionally obscene, indicative of an illness that rendered the mere anti-jewishness into a subordinate position.

Both he and I concluded their was little if anything practical to be done. Yes, it did cause him a modicum of pain, he told me – but no more than a modicum. I believed him then and suspect he’s still of that opinion.

There are no conclusions I can draw beyond those drawn by people far cleverer than me. By this I mean that there is no rational nor viable reason to suppose that the audiophile ‘community’ is any more immune from – or prone to – ignorance and stupidly, prejudice and racial hatred then any other part of society


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